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My husband Matt and I took a brief but wonderful trip back to the US last week, packing visits with family and friends in between meetings and my studious game of catch-up on lapsed gastronomical experiences:  decent hamburgers, Ben and Jerry’s, and about thirty Trader Joe’s essentials.  On a stop-over in Columbus, Ohio, I spent an hour strolling through a Macy’s, on an ill-fated search for shorts (in October) to accommodate my lately-expansive self.  At the dizzying intersection between name-brand petites and a mysterious collection of ladies suits entitled “sportswear,” I stopped short at a swath of plastic netting.  Punctuated by the occasional ladder, like so many cacti in a sand storm, the plastic set off a construction zone of sorts.  A perky sandwich-board sign announced,

“Pardon our appearance while we make exciting changes!”

It was just too much.  I chuckled heartily at the irony and gave up, on the spot, my doomed shorts-finding mission.  What could more perfectly encapsulate my corporeal efforts over the last twelve months than, “Pardon my appearance while I make exciting changes!”  It even struck the note of enthusiasm and hopefulness with which I tend to regard the matter. (more…)


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It’s February 20th today–our six month wedding anniversary! (more…)

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