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A Chinglish gem if ever there was, as seen in the Solitary Beauty Peak Park of Guilin, China. (text typed out below):

Here is my humble transcription:

Chinese Citizen Domestic Travel Civilized Behavior Convention

To construct civilized and harmonious tourist environment, affect every traveler’s benefits, we have obligation to obey this convention.

  1.  Maintain the environmental health.  Don’t spit, litter in public, and no smoking in non-smoking area.
  2. Obey the public order.  No Pandemonium.  Queue in public, don’t walk parallel in the way, and talking loudly in public.
  3. Preserve the ecological environment.  Don’t trample on the green field, pick the flowers&fruits. Don’t chase, hit, and feed the animal at random.
  4. Protecting cultural relics and historic sites.  Don’t scribble and touch historic relics at random.  Photographing by rule.
  5. Take care of public property.  Don’t deface public property, gain petty advantages.  Save the hydroelectric power and don’t waste the food.
  6. Respect the individual’s right.  Don’t force foreigner to take a picture, sneeze to others, and impropriate public property. Respect the religionary custom.
  7. Treat people due respect.  Be modest in dress and behavior.  Ladies first and treat old and weak courtly.  Don’t talk billingsgate.
  8. Advocate engage in recreation.  Resist the superstition.  Refuse pornography, gamble, and drug. (more…)

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