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Last weekend, I was in the mood to test drive my new African Chicken recipe, so Matt and I invited our friends Kyle and Jess over for dinner.  (We do also like them–this wasn’t a purely mercenary poultry endeavor)  (If you’re fuzzy on the AC reference, this was the Macanese dish I rambled on about last time, see recipe here).

Now, this was all well and good, except that in my fervor for culinary precision, I bought something I don’t think I’ve handled before:  a fresh coconut.   Not the peeled, white dreidel-ish sort, not the hairy brown kind, nor the big green type, but a blonde-brown, nearly hairless, hard-shelled varietal.  I don’t know if I’ve seen this one before–it looked like an extremely large, spherical, un-cracked pistachio nut.

This purchase led to a bit of a kitchen kerfuffle on Saturday morning. (more…)


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